Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Butterfly Net...

Inspiration: butterflies!  
My daughter Autumn negotiated with a lady at a yard sale and she scored me some FREE butterflies for my collection! These are mounted more for a decorative purpose as compared to my other specimens, but I like them still.  I am now the proud owner of 18 butterflies.  These look wonderful on our nature table. 

Here's some butterflies and butterfly items that have tugged on my heartstrings...

Fuzzy little face. 

Don't you love this?  So colorful! 

Butterflies love oranges and banana snacks! 

Cute... handicraft mounted butterflies. 

Okay say it... awww!



A pretty wreath for your door. 

I would so love a butterfly bouquet! 

Sweet nothings...

I love this! Paper butterflies under glass. 

Butterflies are just amazing! 

Another pretty wreath! 

Strawberry butterfly cupcakes! 


Nice collection... swooning! 

Monarch Butterflies... common, but still one of my favorites! 

Butterflies in your stomach. 

My cats would have a hayday! 

I love this! 
I couldn't wear it... but I love it! 

Butterflies! Around the World! 

Pretty; pink and white. Those spots are to look like big eyes to scare away predators. 

More and more... Monarchs. 

This is so cute! A little chrysalis ...
 unbutton to find the caterpillar and a butterfly. 
What a sweet learning toy for a little one. 

I'm not sure if this is photoshopped or not... 
It sure is pretty either way. 

I have so much to learn... I must find out the name of this beauty.

Love the colors.

  Now where's that net of mine? 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Rhyme or Reason...

Just for enjoyment...
My family, my friends...


Push me please! 

Loving this.

That's right! 

I swear; this is the way I imagine how the squirrels live. 

Brad and I will say this to each other... 
Because sometimes... it's nice to hear the other person knows you love them. 

Simple life. 

Over-load of cuteness! 

I adore "red work" embroidery.  

Sweet strawberry pin cushion. I'd like a bowl full. 

Heart Kitty. 

A sandman... now if that doesn't make a person happy; what would? 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Knock, Knock...

Who's there? 
Some heartstrings pulled for doors, knobs and knockers... 

When I see an old door like this... 
I wonder about all the souls that have passed over it's threshold. 

Art... I love the colorful light shadow it cast on the stairs.
Really beautiful! 

This door just makes my imagination run wild. 

Can you imagine the sweet people who would own a door like this? 

Doors are so useful.

Old keys... cast spells of their own. 

I would be worried it bites. 

A piece of vintage art. 

Very pretty. 

Old glass doorknobs find a new purpose. 

Whimsical... Disney. 

I love the simplicity and the vibrancy of this door. 

Shabby chic... 

Another glass gem... I have a few of them in my house. 
They are my favorite doors to open. 

Glad to meet you! 

Just pretty as can be!
This one is ours. 

Noah likes this one...of course! 

I think this one would be perfect for the heart door above. 

A little spooky. 


Sweet pink. 
Think about doors, knobs and knockers... make a conscience effort to notice them... the ones you pass through... the ones you walk pass... think about the history and the beauty of them... think about what's on the other side of these doors... just think.  ~