Monday, July 30, 2012

Homestead Heartstrings...

Some lovely homestead heartstrings... 

I need this pillow! 

Peppercorn colors... in love! 

Such a cheery space. 

We love to "stay home." 

Adorable pink! 

Under the sea with creatures lurking... fun! 

Wow! My son Caleb loves fonts. What a great focal wall! 

Love the pennants. 

I love this bathroom for many reasons: the color, the eclectic wall hangings! 

Can you imagine? 

Amazing bath... the old painted bricks with the modern tub.
You know I love owls! 

I've been wanting one of these baker's cabinets for years now! 

So pretty! 

I have my grandmother's sideboard, it's dark wood. 
I'd love to paint it but Autumn always stops me. 

Thinking this is a wonderful laundry/mud room. 

Seriously... I'd sleep in this! 

I can just imagine how incredible this must feel on your bare feet. 
Looks as if it belongs in my friend Sharon's home. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Michigan Love...


Our up-coming vacation to the thumb area. 
Lexington, Michigan on Lake Huron. 

If you've never been to Michigan and you get the chance... you should come! 
It's really an amazing state.  Here's a small glimpse of some of Michigan's beauty. 

Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula.
Been here. 

Lovely farm land.

 Big Sable Point Lighthouse, Lake Michigan.

Beach grass... Sleeping Bear Dunes, Lake Michigan
Been here. 

Sunset... Lake Michigan side. 

Mitten necklace. 

Grand Haven, Michigan, this is where my family vacation every year when I was a kid. 

 Tahquamenon Falls State Park in the U.P. I've been here several times. 
Always in the fall! 

 Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse.

Tannery Falls, Munising Michigan
I've been here too.

Turnip Rock, Lake Huron
We'll be visiting here on our vacation this year, hoping the boys agree to kayak around this!  

 Spray Falls, Pictured Rocks

That's right it's; "pop" 

Yay for Vernors! 

I think these Michigan caps are sweet! 

Vintage seeds.

I love living in Michigan... you should come visit me sometime. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby, It's Hot Outside!

Fun at the Beach... more amazing photos by Autumn Rose. 

Note to self... I'm loving the header. A flower from the garden/ edited by me:) 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pretty Girls...

My two favorite Pin-ups...

~Autumn Rose~ 

I didn't even think this was Autumn when I first saw it. 
Super cute pose. 

This looks so much like a young photo of my mom! 

And yes... this hottie dates my son Caleb...umm-hum! 

~Miss. Ashley~ 

Legs that go on forever...

Here's what Miss Ashley looks like on most days. 
A sweet, hippie-chick.